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This is the day before yesterday's Daily, but I think it is more interesting, so posted, daily newspaper yesterday, friends who are interested, click on my hollister kids clothes website: Kirin risk network, or to subscribe to the micro-channel public number: Kirin financial information NARRATOR: Today the stock market, rotten chips become blue-chip, so hollister boardshorts that a handful of investors cheap hollister uk clothing have finally Hey, why, look at the following: central hollister site bank continued directional "rescue" In addition to lowering quasi-directional, directional relax deposit ratio, as well as the recent debut of another branch of small hollister store music loans granted PSL hollister clothing sale Order "directed cut" became the focus of market attention. According to the 21st Century Network reported that since July hollister uk cheap this year, the central bank after cheap hollister hoodies another to Inner Mongolia, Shanghai, Hankou, Changsha and many other local banks, respectively, provided the amount ranging from 5 to 10 million low-interest refinancing. On Friday, Bloomberg quoted sources said the central bank to provide one billion yuan hollister tops for girls in Hebei bank refinancing. Reports mentioned that, as early as March of this year, the central bank mens hollister clothing delineation small amount of 50 billion yuan to support the re-lending the funds to provide low-interest loans to the City and County of small and medium discount hollister banks. These special low-interest loans and then only to support small and micro enterprises, 50 billion yuan of total hollister careers uk degrees so far not been exhausted. hollister sales 2013 Not long ago, the central bank also issued a scale of 1 trillion yuan of three-year low-interest loans PSL. Both PSL or refinancing, the difference with other conventional sources of credit that - the interest rate is low. For some small and micro hollister uk stores enterprises, and then take the benchmark loan interest rate or the loan does not exceed the average level of interest rates, hollister coupons codes aimed at reducing the cost of financing small and micro enterprises, boost the economy. NARRATOR: In the final analysis, or rely on medication, the so-called road at night thinking about the thousands, up the road in the morning in fact that is the hollister womens gilet one. hollister ladies No way, said the restructuring of hollister gift card uk the economy, which is so easy. You want economic stability maintenance, to GDP, I'm sorry, you have to take the old hollister vest tops road to engage in stimulating the set. Of course, turn on the water first reaction hollister men uk is that corporate profits above: June above-scale industrial profits hit a new high since October last year, the National Bureau of Statistics released on the 27th January to modeling for hollister June, the national scale industrial enterprises realized a total profit of 2.86498 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.4%, the growth rate increased 1.6 percentage points higher than 1-5 months. June, above-scale industrial enterprises realized a total profit of 588.08 billion yuan, an increase of 17.9%, the growth rate increased 9 percentage points higher than hollister hoodies for girls uk in May, a record nine months since October last year, a hollister cap new high. National Bureau of Industry Division Dr. He Ping will accelerate profit growth in June down to five reasons. First, sales growth accelerated. June, the industrial enterprises above designated size main fake hollister clothes business revenue grew 10%, the growth rate accelerated 3.1 percentage points higher than in May. Secondly, the cost declined. June, the main business costs rose 9.5 percent, 0.5 percentage points lower than the growth rate of main business income. Main business cheap hollister clothes online revenue per hundred dollars of the cost of 86.08 yuan, down 0.41 yuan. While May is an increase of 0.27 yuan. Again, corporate accounting influencing factors. Some of the larger companies, earnings of listed companies in non-core activities in the quarter ended March concentrate accounted for, resulting hollister shop online uk in greater volatility in profits. In addition, a few significant role in boosting the industry. June, computer communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing profits rose 37.4 percent growth rate boys hollister was 32.2 percentage points higher than in May; non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry due to lower profits hollister boys shirts over the same period last year, profits rose 59.4 percent, in May the was down 3%; special equipment manufacturing industry profits rose 10.2% in May, compared with a 9% drop; petroleum processing and hollister uk online sale coking and nuclear fuel processing industry from a year earlier loss of 580 million yuan, to a profit hollister womens jackets of 4.98 billion yuan; petroleum and natural gas industry profits rose 12.5 percent, 10.2 hollister shirts men percentage points higher than the growth rate accelerated hollister shops in uk in hollister huntington beach May. More than five industries affected profit growth accelerated 5.2 percentage points higher than in May. Finally, the base is low. He Ping said that in June 2013, industrial profits rose 6.3 percent, the growth rate is low in the mid-last year. In terms of June 2012 as hollister about us the base hollister uk sale outlet to buy hollister calculate the average growth in recent years, the growth rate was 11.9 percent, compared with the average two-year profit growth in May down 0.3 percentage points lower. NARRATOR: This is the core of key banking stocks rose, not to say economic hard landing it? Not worry about overflowing bank bad debt rate it? Sorry, corporate profits up, these are hollister franchise not a problem, everyone soothing hollister mens coats hype it. Saying these things, domestic institutions are ignorant, it touches womens hollister very thorough look outside funding: Admission of new money since July accompanied by hollister deutschland the steady rise of blue chips, Hong Kong is also accelerating the flow of funds A-share market, which is the leading product from RQFII ETF Southern A50ETF fully reflected on the scale of change. As of last Friday, since the ETF7 month amounted to 6 billion yuan hollister for kids uk suction gold, already more than a month less than half hollister symbol the size of capital inflows, shows "Shanghai and Hong Kong through" The launch is expected to heat up under the Hong Kong route through ETF funds are accelerating layout A shares. South A50ETF released statistics show daily scale, massive funds to buy the ETF in Hong Kong began the second week of July, July 7th to the 11th week, the South A50ETF usher in large-scale purchase, the total share reached 4.24 billion fund units, compared with 3.6765 hollister swim billion fund units 4 July soared 563.5 million, according to estimates of fund units per week the average price of 6.86 yuan, about 3.866 hollister sale uk 2013 billion yuan of funds flowing into the South A50ETF. Foresight of these funds to be richly rewarded in the next two weeks in hollister bikini the A-share blue chips rose. From July 14th to the 25th two weeks time, the South A50ETF transaction price rose from 6.82 yuan to hollister printable coupons 7.41 yuan, an increase of 8.65%. July 14th to the 18th, the South A50ETF hollister gilet continuation of net inflows, as of July 18, hollister outlet california the total share of the ETF rose to 4.381 billion fund units, and July 11 hollister pink compared to 141 million Fund I. units per hollister surf week in accordance with the average price of 6.93 yuan fund units is estimated that about 977 million yuan capital hollister sweater inflows South A50ETF. Last week, that is, from July 21 to July 25, A collective surge blue chip stocks continued to pound hollister handbags southern several billion yuan hollister hat of funds A50ETF, the ETF 7 25 daily total share reached 4.5545 billion as of fund units, single hollister hiring week I. 173,500,000 Fund units, according to last week's average transaction price estimate of 7.23 yuan, about 1.254 billion yuan capital inflows. Thus, three weeks time since July 7, the South A50ETF share surged 878 store locator hollister million fund hollister outlet online sale units, I. The proportion of 23.88%, hollister norwich a total of about 6.097 billion yuan of funds into the ETF. In the entire first half, but also get the ETF Fund I. The 853 million hollister swimsuits units, equivalent to 5.783 billion yuan capital inflows, mens hollister hoodies which also means that the South A50ETF amount of the purchase in the past three weeks has exceeded the first half of this year, which also makes the inflow South A50ETF hollister jeans sale fund size reaches 12 billion yuan. NARRATOR: The key rotten chips become blue-chip, that admission of new hollister outlet prices money, not old money transfer positions. Funds only concerned with growth stocks venue, bear a few years, and are afraid. The new money if promising Chinese economy, to admission, then find what stocks? Of course, the big bad looking to raise the hollister coupons uk valuation of depression, which is the hollister womens clothing recent stock market rally driven by hollister company the weighted blue chips truth. How high up? I do not know. Daily market comments do not explore the macro, but will be seen as a stock market index of leading indicators of macroeconomic abercrombie fitch hollister trends. Yes, you see stock research on macroeconomics and business hollister uk clearance sale confidence, than watching the stock market index of macroeconomic speculate much to fly. So massive new money comes into play, is certainly optimistic about China's economic trend next year or two. This, you are on the attitude of other funds, can not see, look at hollister clothes for sale the following: a trillion-owned projects around the release of public funding feeling "Water is also too" Recently, many provinces have released open to the public funding of State-owned projects with a total investment of over a trillion yuan. However, there is a hollister backpack strong willingness to invest private capital, although still widespread concerns about loss leader, hollister in store sale the lack of the right to speak, suffer discrimination policy. A private entrepreneur in Chongqing, said many of the state-owned projects are open are like steel, machinery manufacturing and other sunset industry. Even the state-owned capital in these industries want cheap hollister clothes to quit, how to attract private capital to talk about it? Chongqing Iron & Steel Enterprises, a veteran hollister london sale of more than one item out of its Australian mines, jiangjin electroplating sludge treatment, the introduction of private capital. But a discerning eye to see that these projects are basically big investment, slow returns, the future is uncertain. Tang hollister outlet store uk Xu, general manager of Chongqing Continental Culture Media Group, said that the list of open items from Chongqing announcement of view, there is still a good part of the project, hollister co outlet uk especially as the cheap hollister coats bank of the Three Gorges, the Three Gorges liberalization of financial guarantee companies hollister winter such projects, with some private entrepreneurs for attractive, but to hollister sheffield what extent private enterprises to participate in time to have to rely on to prove, always feel the water is too deep, it will not even wade into the water-based. Zhou Li Fu said that the current policy of discrimination against some local private capital is still relatively serious, face a lot of private capital only a distance, not really into the "glass door." General Manager of Hebei Tupper said Wang Meng Jia energy companies, state-owned large-scale, enjoy many preferential nearest hollister store policies, hollister online outlet uk such as a convenient, private enterprises unmatched in the transportation, trains and other aspects of hollister trackies skin. Worried that even though the "marriage" with Ge advantage of these resources is difficult to fall into the hands of cheap hollister uk private capital. NARRATOR: see no? Private funding is still a sale in hollister lingering fear. Yes, the Chinese traditional rules, is to make money, it has not lawful, legitimate, and certainly do not make money. If you want hollister outlet shop uk to come, then certainly there is a problem, cheap thing, not so easy to hollister model turn ordinary people like you and me okay head. This shows that the protection of private property rights is problematic, the key is government intervention in the market now, often without rules, look at the following: the auto industry's antitrust investigation or will soon hammer Recently, several multinational car firms in China were responsible for the NDRC Price Supervision Check with the Anti-Monopoly Bureau of Investigation interviews. Mercedes - Benz and CEO Kai Ni, president of Sales & Service Co., as evidenced by the National Development and hollister swim shorts Reform Commission has conducted talks with the company. Although the interviews did not disclose the contents, but there are signs that these interviews should be related to the automotive hollister uk sale industry antitrust investigation. From the beginning of last year, the competent authorities have been collecting automotive industry monopoly hollister newcastle case, and ultra luxury cars "zero integer ratio" and astronomical maintenance costs have repeatedly been public criticism. An ex-factory mens hollister sweatpants price of imported about 500,000 sport utility vehicles in the Chinese hollister stores uk duty-paid price should not be over 1.3 million, but eventually sold 1.89 million; Getting a German luxury car than zero up to 1273 percent whole, namely the replacement of all costs spent on spare parts can be purchased 12 new cars ...... lift the automotive industry, "monopoly", insiders familiar. Since 2008, "Antitrust hollister usa online Law" into effect, occurring in our country's automobile market restriction of competition gradually aroused attention. hollister locations To public attention in hollister tee shirts men 2013 for the automotive industry monopoly is to reach a climax. Experts pointed out that China Automobile Dealers Association, the auto industry is very much suspected monopoly areas, which include limited vertical monopoly distributor of the lowest price, limiting cross-regional distributor sales force to the 4S shop tying unsalable cars, the supply of new cars hollister girls clothes to the 4S shop When tying Genuine Parts, 4S shop requires only purchase high-priced original spare parts, etc. These behaviors are likely to be identified as constituting the "anti-monopoly law," the regulation of monopolistic behavior. NARRATOR: The hollister perfume automotive industry has a monopoly? Is there such a thing? You have to really believe, that really was not the side of stupid. That why jake hollister the government should pay attention to foreign car companies do? hollister stockists To put it bluntly surprising, non-tariff barriers to trade. In particular, these multinational car companies that make soft money for two years in China, leaders bear watching, to the possession, that's all. But the problem is that people make so much money, is people's ability, how can you toss people? Authoritative foreign toss today and tomorrow, I'm sorry, it is possible to toss you. As for regulations, Guanye below mismatch, that they have hollister california cologne the final say. So toss another cross-car hollister uk outlet sale prices meaning hollister wholesale china that another pillar industry of the national economy after the automotive industry has been defined as real estate decision-making. But to support the hollister clothing outlet automotive industry, we can not support such a law ah, can not make money on watching hollister sales other people jealous ah. If the consequences of the government to engage in non-tariff barriers, have hollister hoodies for sale any questions, look hollister style at the following: Argentina, or will face a sovereign debt default this week, if the past 13 years occurred fake hollister in Argentina sovereign debt default a hollister shop cardiff second time, the country will be hit by this unfortunate incident record. Right now the dilemma between Argentina hollister in milton keynes and the creditor is about to enter a critical stage. First occurrence of the Argentine debt default in 2001, it was once the largest ever sovereign default. hollister manhattan Breach forced the Argentine debt restructuring, Argentina's economy was thrown into the deepest recession since the hollister shorts mens Great Depression. At the same time, violent political unrest in Argentina, in more than a week of time, hollister xl replace the five presidents of Argentina. The current hollister size guide crisis in the seeds of the next crisis hollister wiki soon after sown, wound up investors to buy the Argentine default of debt, but has refused to accept the debt restructuring terms. Today, these investors are unwilling to settle disputes related to hollister mens clothing debt. If hollister women the dispute resolved, Argentina this week to avoid a debt default. Although the public has little to worry about the Argentine crisis will spread to other emerging markets, not much to worry about 13 years ago hollister models uk as Argentina will face serious economic collapse, but still allow the Argentine default hollister staffing pay a heavy uk hollister price, it was hollister girl the refusal of international credit markets Door In addition, the ability of enterprises lending will also be suppressed. Debt default will hollister kids uk online store increase the hollister voucher codes uk current session hollister men sale of the presidential election next year after the transfer of power between the Government and the difficulty of the new government. Argentina hollister retailers uk is one of Latin America's largest economy. Former Argentine Finance Minister Nelson recently said in an interview, in his view, hollister models guys Argentina is moving toward default, and this hollister jobs apply online is very hollister sweaters for girls clear; Argentina for most citizens, this means that the situation will exacerbate economic stagnation, it will further inhibit consumption. Mired in recession in Argentina has suffered a shortage of hard currency, and some hollister us store economists estimate that cheap hollister shorts up to 40% of annual inflation. Breach could undermine people's confidence, so that hollister deals the Argentine peso under pressure, so that hollister shirt sale imported goods more expensive and thus exacerbating inflation and unemployment situation will worsen. This may also lead to reduction in Argentina's foreign exchange reserves, Argentina's foreign exchange reserves is only $ 29.7 billion, the lowest in the region has been the case. Last week, just hollister clearance clothing the expected default rate on the black market led Argentina to reach 12.65 pesos per dollar, far lower than the hollister westfield official exchange rate of 8.17 in the bank. A month ago, the black market exchange rate of boys hollister hoodies 11.65. Argentina appeared before the foreign exchange market several years underground, when the government introduced a policy of restricted dollars. Deutsche Bank senior economist Gustavo Canonero said all this will lead to a more severe recession. NARRATOR: We all know that the Argentine economy badly, why hollister uk phone number can suffer to such an extent? This issue, hollister mens gilet presumably to companies doing business in Argentina mind most clearly: from start to finish ubiquitous control measures, plus hollister for boys Argentina union rogue Qiaoguxisui style extortion. Argentina endless money printing, there is not hollister online application acquired by debt today engage in social welfare. hollister clothing for girls This country, the financial crisis does not appear strange things that can be called up. The problem is, this virtue on Argentina it? No, hollister gilet womens look at the following: the Brazilian economy to the "stagflation" of the imminent presidential hollister joggers mens elections in October, the Brazilian banking system was released Friday at more hollister uk website than hollister aftershave uk 20 billion of liquidity to respond to emerging economic "stagflation." Economists believe Brazil's inflation rate this hollister uk shop online year may be the first time in more than a decade of its target ceiling, and its economic growth rate may be lower than 1%. Data released next hollister store locations month may southampton hollister show that Brazil has entered a recession in the first half. Just last week, even though the inflation rate reached 6.51 percent, but Brazil's central bank decided to keep interest hollister cheap hoodies rates at 11 percent. Two consecutive meetings, the Brazilian central bank interest rates have made this decision. Since hollister india almost no room for interest rate adjustments, Brazil's central bank on Friday announced a series of "non-interest rate instruments" stimulus measures, including the release of bank reserves, hollister uk hoodies the adjustment of loan risk calculation rules, Brazil has injected a total of hollister size chart about $ 20.2 billion of liquidity . Under the new rules, banks will be allowed to use up to half of the reserve to improve credit business or purchase a qualified financial institution's loan hollister wholesale uk portfolio purchased product. According to another hollister boys statement, Brazil's central hollister jeans bank also on the minimum capital requirements for hollister ripped jeans financial institutions and retail credit business by adjusting hollister plaid shirt the number of these qualified financial institutions to expand from 58 to 134 nearly three times. Brazil's central bank said the hollister shop belfast move aims to "improve the distribution of liquidity hollister clothes uk sale in hollister uk online the economy." In addition, these initiatives are still largely seen as an hollister xs exit from the economists' macro-prudential "measures to approach. In order to suppress hollister japan the hollister co outlet online country's credit overheating problems arise, Brazil implemented a hollister yoga pants "macro-prudential" measures since 2010. Daily Roundup: large-scale or small-scale water distribution, productivity was able to come up, the result is stagflation, it looks like the global economy after a year or two captive fate. Those most hollister clothes cheap turbulent printing money, the most economically weak, control the most severe in emerging market countries are now bearing the brunt of QE did not enjoy much benefit, but all bear the cost of QE. Including emerging market countries such as Argentina, Brazil, hollister montreal and its economic stagflation weather, countries around the world have come hollister puffer jacket in the first column, for the future of the global economic stagflation a live specimen. In fact, China's hollister jeggings economy is the leader in the emerging market economies, the hollister bodywarmer world's hollister store uk major economies, the major cost of carrying the country's central hollister men bank QE. Well before the big leaders said not turn on the water, and now we have seen, or that could not turn on the water. In the real estate bubble is about to be punctured on the occasion, the urgent needs of decision-makers seem to withstand another bubble: Nobody likes the credit contraction hollister dudes clearance caused great pain. Under such circumstances, only the stock market bubble blowing hard, start another round of hollister hoody credit expansion to stimulate the economy. hollister glasgow In the new round of credit expansion process, if hollister dublin China does not accelerate the pace of reform and opening up, but to engage in overt or covert government control, learning Latin a good example, then after two years, stagflation inevitable future awaits us.